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Advice For Life Scientists Team

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Cátia Moutinho

A senior scientist with more than 20 years of experience in Cancer Biology, Epigenetics, and Genomics. The founder of “The single cell ninjas” platform that provide help for single-cell scientists. After holding a PhD, 2 master’s degrees, & many years in research as a group leader, I realized firsthand that success is not in the title of one’s job, or in the number of publications. For me, true success is in all the moments in which I have been able to motivate, help or get a smile from someone who was/is having a hard time in the laboratory. Maybe because I always remember that I have also been a student, technician, pre-doc, post-doc, and I can relate to what everyone is going through. And whenever I have the chance to lead teams, I always work with this mantra in mind:
"Happy People Are More Productive!"

Ossama Khalaf

A pharmacist by training who got side-tracked by his passion to research and decided to be a neuroscientist. In my journey that spanned 4 continents, I have worked in diverse lab environments, and encountered numerous issues. It turned out that facing issues are quite common with most of the young scientists who are treading their first steps in science. Currently, as a senior researcher, I decided to use this platform to share all the tips and tools I have gathered throughout the years and helped me succeed. But my number one tip will always be: First, “Be Happy!”, anything else comes second!

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