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An advice from 2 scientists who used to suffer from lack of productivity and feeling anxious all the time!

👉🏻Have you ever been overwhelmed with many things to do to the extent that you get tired just thinking of these tasks?! 🤯

👉🏽Do you sometimes feel that days go by and you feel that you have not accomplished anything? 😓

Do not worry, this is quite common. And it happened to us so many times to even remember! However, it should not be the case forever. There are ways to get you on top of things and get you going in your day without this feeling of being lost and overwhelmed 😉.

Here we share with you the strategy that worked for us so far. Rest assured that we tried much more ways😉. But, we think that this strategy and these steps are rather simple to follow. You just need to try to implement it in your day as a routine. And if you do (and we hope you do), we will be happy to know from you how was your experience with these steps. We are confident that this strategy will significantly help you be more organized and ,consequently, more productive. Here are our top tips:

Brain Dump

Write down all the tasks you have to do. Set realistic, achievable goals for the day to help keep yourself accountable, and stay on track with deadlines. Avoid setting too many objectives as this might get you panting all day long, or even get a burnout! We suggest that it is always better to do your heavy lifting when you are at your best. This means that the brain dump should 'ideally' be done early in the morning when you start your work. However, you can do it at night as well planning for the following day. The most important thing is to do it and stick to the habit of doing it. In the link below, you can download one of our 'Brain Dump' planners that might make it easier for you to use than a regular piece of paper!

Brain Dump Planner AdviceFLS
Download PDF • 1.94MB


After dumping the goals and tasks, start identifying the 3 most important ones. We suggest only 3 because in our experience we usually managed to accomplish them during the day. Of course, all tasks are not as big or time-consuming, but we need a starting point here! Once you determine the 3 most important tasks, start with them focusing on one at a time. Also, start with the biggest of tasks. The one that requires the most care and attention to accomplish. Do not wait until you start losing your focus and energy to work on big tasks (c.f. previous point about heavy lifting).😉

Eliminate Distractions

To accomplish any task, you need to focus. This is highly important. So, the goal is to get away from distractions by turning off phone notifications, finding a quiet space to work in, and avoid multitasking. Stay focused for a certain period of time, and then you can allow yourself for short period of social media break to maximize productivity without burning out, or feeling alienated from the outer world. In our experience, we work offline for the periods we do not want to be distracted. Also, we dedicate 2 slots for checking emails: a quick one before the brain dump to add any urgent task that we have received the day before or early morning; and another time later in the afternoon after accomplishing 2/3 of the tasks we have outlined for the day.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking short breaks throughout the day can help you stay energized, clear-headed, and on top of your game! The short breaks can be a walk, or munching on a snack, or doing some stretches/exercises. A longer break for lunch, or going to the gym is also needed, but these ones should be divided throughout the day in order not to have the feeling that you are out of long breaks and what is left is merely tasks and quite short breaks!

Finally, there are many more ways to be more productive, but the idea here is to follow small achievable steps to get it as a daily routine. Once you build this up in your memory as a habit, you can always improve and add on more steps to your productivity routine. Later on, you will find it quite easy to plan for the entire week, or even month. But all this is dependent on one thing....get yourself starting! 😉

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