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Sep 5, 2022 - Sep 11, 2022

Be more productive in 1 week!

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Hi! 🔵Are you always running? 🟢 The day should be longer than 24 hours? 🟠 Your brain never stops thinking? 🟡 You cannot decide which task you should complete first? We have also been there as well! In addition to the lab, that took up 100% of our time, we wanted to work on side projects like Advice FLS, and enjoy our personal life. As you can guess, it got to the point where we were going insane & tired. So, we decided to figure out a way to be more productive. WHAT DID WE FIND? That it's not a matter of having more time. Rather, it's a matter of working smarter & deciding what is truly important. In our challenge, that you MUST JOIN, we will show you how we managed to do it. How did we boost our productivity! HOW DOES THIS CHALLENGE WORKS? For a period of 7 days, we will provide you with small & straightforward tasks. We guarantee that it will not take much of your time. If you want to change your life & be more productive, join us!! WHO ARE WE? 2 scientists & sciencepreneurs who wish to share their we went from students to team leaders, without quitting. 😉

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Be more productive in 1 week! (challenge)

Be more productive in 1 week! (challenge)

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