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Bring your research to life!


October 8th, and 15th, 2022

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- Do people get bored with your research no matter how you present it?

- Do you have trouble telling your friends and family what you do in the lab?

- Have you ever tried to use your research to get people interested but failed?

- Do you find it hard to make your research interesting to others?

Relax, we had been there too! 
The good news is that we have the solution for you in this workshop


What will you learn?

- Why your audience stop paying attention to your presentations.

- The importance of storytelling in scientific research. 

- How to craft an engaging narrative that explains your findings effectively.

- Find out how to outline an engaging narrative that does justice to your research.

- Figure out how to weave your findings into a captivating story that is both clear and convincing.

Workshop Details

Session 1: October 8th @ 9:00-12:00 CET

Importance of storytelling in research

Tools to turn your research into a compelling story

Session 2: October 15th @ 9:00-12:00 CET 
Hands-on practice presenting your research story


Receiving detailed feedback

Image by National Cancer Institute

If you want to give life to your research, and fascinate your audience, join our workshop!

The Speaker


Internationally-acclaimed public speaker and award-winning science communicator. Ossama has a PhD in Neuroscience, and he is an expert in using narrative to engage audiences with scientific concepts. Check below some of his talks communicating science through storytelling.