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Coaching Programs

3 Months (Minimum)

What to Expect?


First, no worries if you cannot answer all of them. With your answers, we will design a roadmap that will allow you to get to your goals. Most importantly, we will encourage you to align your focus and actions with what you ultimately want. 


So, the sessions alone without YOU working hard will get you no where. Just like staring everyday at a weight-loss plan will not make you lose weight without executing what's in it!

Why should you do it with us?

First, we have years of experience coaching hundreds of researchers at different stages in their careers. We did it as student supervisors, but also as team leaders. Second, and most importantly, we are extremely nice people, and you will be always at ease and comfortable talking to us.


First, book the 30 min free session. On the one hand you will see if you like us, and on the other, we will see if we can indeed help you.


Upon purchasing a coaching plan, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment(s).

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