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Advice FLS Community

All improvements start with: YES, I want!

YES, I want to be a better version of myself.

YES, I want to be a better scientist.

YES, I want to get the maximum potential out of my professional life.

YES, I want to network with other scientists.

YES, I want to save my energy. 

Advice FLS pellet

The perfect opportunity to connect with scientists from all over the world, have the support and help you need, and learn from great experts.

What Will You Get Each Month?


We will have 1 LIVE masterclass. You will still have access to ALL of our previous masterclass recordings. We will discuss different topics, all related with Science and life in research. The focus will always be your professional and personal growth. The classes will be delivered by experienced professionals experts in the discussed topic.


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25% Discount

Courses, Individual Coaching & Mentoring Plans, Scientific Services


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20% Discount

Challenges, Workshops and Merchandising


Advice FLS Online Laboratory

In our Slack private group you will find the help, support and motivation you need in your daily work. The support on this group will propel you closer toward your professional dreams.


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The ideal opportunity to connect with other Scientists and have a virtual coffee, chat around science-related themes.


Pellet with us


float alone in the Supernatant!

At the Advice FLS Pellet, we are FULLY committed to our community, because we know how difficult it is to be a scientist. Whether you're doing a PhD or leading a research group, we have been there and we relate well to all what you are going through! 

Friendships, Collaborations, Synergies, Support and Help, that is what awaits you here!